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Rules - Sabaki



  • Preliminary matches will consist of one 3 minute round.
  • Semi-final and final matches will consist of two 2 minute rounds with a one minute rest period.


  • Hand or elbow strikes to the neck, back and face areas are not permitted.
  • All kicks and strikes to the groin are not permitted.
  • All punches and elbow strikes to the body is allowed.
  • Kicks to the head, body, legs and sweeps to the legs are permitted.
  • Fighters may only grab the opponents shoulder or behind the neck to  execute knee kicks, sweeps or  throwing  techniques  but must release his  hold immediately  following the technique.


  • Any fighter who deliberately and intentionally strikes his opponents face, neck or  groin will be disqualified forthwith.
  • If a fighter accidentally strikes his opponent in the forbidden areas, he will receive a penalty. Three penalty amounts to immediate disqualification.
  • If a  fighter continually moves outside the fighting area to avoid attack , he will receive a penalty.
  • A  fighter who  repeatedly  grabs and  holds his opponent with both hands will receive a penalty.


  • A fighter can win either by a knockout or decision.
  • Winning by a knockout : If a fighter is downed and cannot rise after five seconds a knockout is declared.
  • Winning by points: Any  legal techniques that connects and instantly downs his opponents so that his hand and knee touches  the mat or if he doubles over will be scored as one-half point. One-half point  will also be scored for a single leg-sweep or throwing technique only if it is  immediately followed by a  controlled kick or  punch. If a successful throw or sweep is executed and is not followed by a controlled punch or kick, a one sixth point will be awarded. A fight can be won if a fighter scores two one-half points and his opponent has no points. 
  • Winning by a decision: If no points are scored in a match, the fight will be awarded on the basis of relative spirit and technique excellence of the participants.

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First held in 1987 in Cape Town, the Sabaki Challenge Karate Championships merged in 1996 with the annual Invitational Championships.
Since then, it has grown into an International Tournament with hundreds of competitors from all over.

2010 World Cup
South Africa has just finished hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup. What a spectacular event it was. We then hosted the World Cup for Ashihara Karate in October of the same year.

The 2nd Sabaki Challenge World Cup will be held in 2017 - see the first one at the bottom of this page.

My Karate Odyssey
Kaicho Hoosain Narkerís
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The 2016 World Kumite Championships was held in Pattaya, Thailand was an event that showcased the true spirit of the Martial Arts and had top fighters from all over the World.  Ashihara Karate attended once again and will use the Sabaki Challenge to select fighters for future WKO events.